Editorial Board

Editor-In-Chief: Adel Ouannas

University of Larbi Ben M’hidi, Algeria.

E-mail:  ouannas.adel@univ-oeb.dz

Area of Interest: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos,  Control, Synchronization, Fractional systems, and their applications

Managing Editor: Sa'ud Sh. Al-Sa'di

The Hashemite University, Jordan.

E-mail: saud@hu.edu.jo 

Area of Interest: Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis. 


Editorial Board


  • Sara I. Abdelsalam                                                          

The British University in Egypt (BUE), Egypt.     

E-mail: sara.abdelsalam@bue.edu.eg                                                                                  

Areas of interest: Fluid dynamics, MHD, Heat and Mass Transfer, Porous Media, Nanofluids, Biological Flows.           

  •    Ana Maria-Acu

Lucian Blaga University of  Sibiu, Romania.       

E-mail: anamaria.acu@ulbsibiu.ro                                                           

 Area of interest: Approximation Theory, Numerical Analysis, Probability, and Statistics.       

  •    Osama Alabdali
University of Anbar, Iraq
E-mail: ibrsul_2019@uoanbar.edu.iq 

 Area of interest: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Modeling.                         

  • Ramzi Albadarneh

The Hashemite University,  Jordan.

E-mail: rbadarneh@hu.edu.jo

Area of interest: Fractional Differential Equations, Finite difference method, Numerical methods for the differential equation.

  • Amer I. Alomari

Al al-Bayt University, Jordan.

E-mail: amerialomari@aabu.edu.jo 

Areas of interest: Statistics, Probability theory. 

  • Mohammad A. Alqudah

German Jordanian University, Jordan

E-mail: mohammad.qudah@gju.edu.jo

Areas of interest: Approximation Theory, Numerical Analysis, Ordinary and functional differential equations, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Special Functions, Classical Polynomials.

  • Mojtaba Bakherad

University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran

E-mail: bakherad@math.usb.ac.ir

Ares of Interests: Norms of matrices, application of functional analysis to matrix theory, Hilbert and pre-Hilbert spaces, Norms, Operator inequalities.

  • Saad Ihsan Butt

COMSATS University, Pakistan.

E-mail Address: saadihsanbutt@cuilahore.edu.pk

Area of Interest: Mathematical Inequalities and Applications: Quantum Inequalities, Fractional Inequalities.

  • Christophe Chesneau

University of Caen-Normandie, France.

E-mail: christophe.chesneau@unicaen.fr

Areas of interest: Statistics, Data Analysis, Probability, Mathematical inequalities.

  • Miguel José Vivas-Cortez
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Ecuador
E-mail: mjvivas@puce.edu.ec
Areas of interest: Fractional derivatives, Ordinary and fractional differential equations, Nonlinear analysis, Generalized convexity, Integral inequalities, generalized bounded variation functions.
  • Charis Harley
University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Area of interest: Computational methods, numerical methods (finite differences); data science/machine learning.
  • Abdullo Hayotov

V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan.

E-mail: hayotov@mail.ru

Area of Interest: Theory of Cubature and quadrature formulas, approximation and interpolation, spline theory, Numerical solution of differential and integral equations, Computed Tomography. 

  • Muhammad Imran Asjad     
Department of Mathematics (SSC), University of Management and Technology C-II, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
Area of interest: Fluid Dynamics, Heat and mass transfer, Fractional Calculus, Solitons and Wave theory, Nanofluids, Epidemiological Mathematical Modeling
  • Milojica Jacimovic
University of Montenegro, Montenegro.
E-mail: opn@canu.ac.me
Area of interest: Optimization, methods of optimization, regularized method of optimization, variational and quasi-variational inequalities.
  • Sajad Jafari
Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran
E-mail: sajadjafari@aut.ac.ir
Area of Interests: Chaos, Synchronization, Chimeras.
  • Muhammad Adil Khan 
University of Peshawar, Pakistan 
Area of Interest: Mathematical Inequalities, Theory of Convexity, Information Theory.
  • Muhammad Amer Latif
King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.
Area of interest: Functional Analysis, Fuzzy Mathematics, Mathematical Inequalities, Fractional Calculus, Theory of Time Scales.
  • Zinelaabidine Latreuch

University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem, Algeria.

E-mail: zinelaabidine.latreuch@univ-mosta.dz

Area of interest: Nevanlinna theory, Inequalities, Complex delay-differential equations, Uniqueness theory.

  • Tabasam Rashid

Department of Mathematics (SSC), University of Management and Technology C-II, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

E-mail: tabasam.rashid@umt.edu.pk

Area of interest: Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Similarity Measures, Fuzzy Mathematics, Image Encryption, Fuzzy Graph Theory

  • Martin Lukarevski

University 'Goce Delcev'-Stip, North Macedonia.

E-mail: martin.lukarevski@ugd.edu.mk

Area of Interest: Geometry; geometric inequalities in Euclidean spaces, Partial differential equations; application of evolution equations.

  • Jalil Manafian

 University of Tabriz, Iran

E-mail: j_manafianheris@tabrizu.ac.ir

Area of Interest: Numerical linear algebra, Numerical analysis, Finite difference method, Variation calculus and variation iteration method, Numerical solution of the Ordinary Differential Equation, Energy systems

  • Mohd. Abdullah Mir

University of Kashmir, India

E-mail: mabdullah_mir@uok.edu.in

Area of interest:  Complex function theory and Approximation theory.   

  • Muhammad Muddassar

University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

E-mail: muhammad.mudassar@uettaxila.edu.pk

Area of interest: Mathematical Analysis, Fractional Calculus, Theory of Convex functions.

  • Taki Eddine Oussaeif

University of Larbi Ben M’hidi, Algeria.

E-mail:  taki.oussaeif@univ-oeb.dz

Area of Interest:  Linear and Non-linear Partial Differential Equations.

  • Samir H. Saker

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, New Mansoura University, New Mansoura City, Egypt.

Email:  shsaker@mans.edu.eg

Area of Interest: Ordinary and functional differential equations, Difference equations, Dynamic equations on time scales, Mathematical Models in Biology, Ecology, Economy, Epidemiology, and Medicine. 

  • Nasir Siddiqui

University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan.

E-mail: nasir.siddiqui@uettaxila.edu.pk

Area of interest: Group Theory, Cryptography using group theory. 

  • Raziyeh Shamsi
Islamic Azad University, Iran.
E-mail: raziyeh.shamsi@iaularestan.ac.ir
Area of interest: Applied Mathematics, optimization, data envelopment analysis, multi-objective linear programming, fuzzy systems, supply chain, neural network, stochastic, interactive methods.
  • Nedal Tahat

The Hashemite University,  Jordan.

Email:  nedal@hu.edu.jo

Area of interest: Number Theory, Cryptography, Digital Signature, Chaotic Map.

  • Muhammad Sulaiman

Abdul Wali Khan University, Pakistan

Email: msulaiman@awkum.edu.pk

Area of interest: Mathematical Models, Optimization Problems, Artificial Neural Networks, Differential Equations, Numerical Solutions, Bio-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Algorithm

  • Christos Volos
 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
E-mail: volos@physics.auth.gr 
Area of interest: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Chaotic Systems, and their Applications, Cryptography.
  • Hafiz Abdul Wahab

Hazara University, Pakistan.

E-mail: wahab@hu.edu.pk

Area of Interest: Applied Mathematics, diffusion phenomena, analytical techniques for the solution of differential and integral equations, perturbation methods.

  •  Ulaş Yamanci

Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey.

E-mail:  ulasyamanci@sdu.edu.tr

Area of Interest: Operator theory, Summability, Statistics.

  • Hanifa Zekraoui

University of Larbi Ben M’hidi, Algeria.

E-mail: Zekraoui.hanifa@univ-oeb.dz

Area of Interest: Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, and Algebraic Number Theory.


 Editorial Assistant: Shamsul Haq

COMSATS  University, Pakistan

E-mail: shams@cuiatd.edu.pk

Area of Interest: Cardiovascular Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis